We strive to meet and exceed our customer's expectations, interested parties and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements with regards to provision of marine security, logistics and offshore equipment construction services.

Our Vision

Our vision is to identify and develop a mutually rewarding business relationship with leading commercial marine / vessel manufacturers across the globe that shares and can progressively contribute to our becoming the leading force in the industry and use such relationship to provide dependable value-added services that is globally competitive and ensure adequate return on capital employed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to constantly survey the industry in order to achieve a speedy identification and discovery of new trends and resources while establishing strategic partnership that will synergistically propel it to become the industry leader in the shortest time.

Our Objectives

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  • We have pride in the standard we have set and we maintain high standard in the areas listed below:
  • To be the foremost indigenous leader in marine security, logistics & construction operations in Nigeria.
  • To provide cost effective, efficient and reliable services that meet and exceeds customer expectations.
  • To meet the expectation of applicable local and international regulations.
  • To ensure the protection of personnel, environment and assets.
  • To continuously improve our system of operation.

Our Clients

We offer security and support services to the following major players in the oil and gas industry as depicted by their logos.

Our Services

We Specialize in Maritime Offshore Transport, Logistics and Security. We offer security escort services to major players in the oil & gas industry.

Maritime Security Support Services (Marine Security Escort)

Our security vessels are ballistic protected vessels with an average age of two years classed as ABS+A1 HSC+AMC crew boat and designed for security operations such as oil drilling, rigs monitoring, shipping monitoring, boarding operations, production platform monitoring and patrol duties. Our vessels are fully fitted with all required electronics gadgets, Ext Fifi monitoring with remote clutch and fire pumps motorized workboat and davit. On board our security vessels are experienced engineers amd trained naval personnel and fitted bow thrusters to enable them maintain position when functioning as FSIV.

Marine Logistic Services

We provide crew boats for the transportation of crew personnel as well as cargo chemicals and equipment. Our crew boats are modern and fitted with oilfields support equipment which enables them perform in harsh sea condition and environment at high speed and over long distances. Our patrol boats are fitted with the necessary security features thus enables to safely perform the required security operation.

Marine Equipment Construction

We offer strategic machinery and operations that will offer our clients the level of uninterrupted supply of services and overall management program that will not only improve and add value to the current services of their organization but also optimize on their overall efficiency utilization of manpower and reduced down time. We always ensure that our service delivery to your customers conforms to the international quality and safety standard.

Maritime Offshore Construction, Installation and Fabrication Security Support Services (Marine Security Escort)

Our anchor handling Tug supply (AHTS) vessels are mainly built to handle anchors for oil rigs tow them to location anchor them up an d in a few cases serve as an emergency response and rescue vessel (ERRV). They are also used ot transport supplies to and from offshore drilling rigs. Our AHTS vessels are designed to meet the harsh sea conditions. they also provide towing assistance during tanker loading deep water anchor handling and towing of threatening objects. Their open stern allows the decking of anchors and they also have arrangements for quick anchor release which is operable from the bridge or other normally manned location in direct communication with the bridge.

Our Fleet

Multiplan Nigeria Limited owns, operates and maintains several security vessels. Anchor handling vessels, Fast support intervention vessels (FSIV), Tug boats, Passport 19s, Barges and other marine offshore equipment.

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